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DesignAlabama journal

When it comes to the DesignAlabama Journal, you certainly can “judge a book by its cover.” Just as important as its content was its design, from the logo still used today to the layout and pleasing balance between positive and negative space. The first article was written by the late Philip Morris, the organization’s first chair of the board of directors. DesignAlabama was founded in 1987 and the journal was available a year later and printed through 2015. Today, it is available as a monthly digital newsletter, DesignAlabama Online. Past print journals are online through the Auburn University Digital Library. Written by then DesignAlabama director Becky Mullen in the second issue: “If response to the first issue of this journal is any indication, DesignAlabama’s future looks promising.” Indeed, it was.     

Photo credit: DesignAlabama